Esok Damia genap 8 bulan. Alhamdulillah Damia masih menyusu badan. Sabtu ni Damia akan ambil her 1st Pneumococcal immunization vaccines. Ni among optional vaksin. To know details about this vaksin refer below ek. mommaMia & abah cuma nak yg terbaik utk Damia. At least kite dah berusaha yang terbaik, yang lelain tuh kite berserah kepada Allah jer.

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What is Pneumococcal Disease???
Pneumococcal diseases are infections caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae, also known as pneumococcus. It is a group of serious infections that occurs most commonly in children, particularly those under 2 years of age. The pneumococcus bug can cause meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain or spinal cord), pneumonia (infection of the lung), bacteraemia (blood infection), as well as otitis media (infection in the middle ear).

How serious is Pneumococcal disease??
Pneumococcal disease can be very serious. Each year, approximately 1 million children younger than 5 years die from pneumococcal disease, primarily from pneumonia. Children younger than 2 years and adult aged 65 years and older are the most susceptible to pneumococcal disease.

It may cause permanent hearing loss, brain damage and death. Pneumococcal disease can impact the quality of life for a child and the entire family. Just think of the time spent nursing an ill child; the trips to the doctor, absence from work, even getting a young child to take medication can be time consuming. If the child requires hospitalization, the burden and the worry can be even greater.

What are the symptoms Pneumococcal disease?
Streptococcus pneumoniae can cause a range of illnesses depending on which part of the body is infected, for example:

  • Bacteremia symptoms may include high fever associated with other nonspecific signs of illness.
  • Meningitis symptoms include fever, severe headache, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck and photophobia (avoidance of light due to pain) in older children, while in infants, fever and nonspecific signs of illness are more frequent symptoms.
  • Pneumonia symptoms include sudden shaking, chills, cough, fever, and chest congestion.
  • Acute otitis media symptoms may include earache, fever, and muffled hearing. In infants and young children, frequent tugging at the ear may signal acute otitis media.
  • Sinusitis symptoms include low-grade fever, runny nose and cough.
Who is at risk??
  • Infants below 24 months of age
  • Children with recent day-care attendance
  • Infants or children with at least one recent course of antibiotics
  • Infants or children with a history of recent ear infection
  • Other groups at high risk include children with chronic disease or those who are immuno-compromised
  • Infants or children exposed to passive smoking
How is Pneumococcal disease transmitted??
Streptococcus pneumoniae is transmitted from person to person and is commonly found in the nose and throat of healthy children and adults. The bacteria are transferred to another person via droplets of saliva or mucus, such as when a “carrier” sneezes, coughs, shares toys or kisses someone. While not all individuals will get sick, anyone in whom the bacteria have colonized is a carrier and can potentially infect others through airborne particles, such as those in sneezes or coughs or close contact.

The colonization of pneumococci in young children is very common, since children less than two years old lack type-specific serum antibodies to fight the bacteria prior to colonization. Children are, therefore, both major carriers and victims of pneumococcal disease.

How do you treat & Prevent Pneumococcal disease??

Meningitis and bacteraemia can develop very quickly so it is vital that treatment is provided without delay. Antibiotics are used to treat these diseases and are effective in most cases if started in time. However, a small number of bacteria are resistant to some antibiotics, which results in longer periods in hospital with greater cost. Pneumococcal disease can be prevented by a series of vaccination for your children.

For information on pneumococcal vaccine go to National Immunization Program

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Ummi Salsabila said... April 13, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Thanks momma mia for sharing..ummi mmg confuse & xphm pasl pneucoacal nih..ingat nak amik juga di demc nnt.damia da amik ye?bpe rm kene caj?mahal x?

Momma Mia said... April 14, 2009 at 8:54 AM

Sharing for caring kan? Hehee... Tak sure lagi la Ummi Salsabila. Sabtu ni 18.4.09 baru nk g DEMC. Nnti next week mommaMia update ek!

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