MomBloggerPlanet is having a Cutest Baby Photo Contest for the month of June 09.
Starts from 1st to 15th June 09.
Every month there will be a different theme for the contest.
This month's theme is Cutest Baby in RED.

Click MomBloggersPlanet for the contest rules and details.

Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.

  • Get a photo of your baby in RED (red dress/red shirt/red pant/red hat/red towel/red blanket… no! you can’t paint your baby red…ha..ha..ha)
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth.
  • Explain why your baby should grab the title “Cutest Baby in Red
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry.
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post. That’s it! Easy peasy.

Hai!!! aunty2 & uncle2... Nama saya DAMIA BT. AZLAN
Hari ni saya genap 10 bulan. Saya lahir pada 14 Aug 2008 jam 8.52 am

MommaMia kata bb Damia should grab the title “Cutest Baby in Red”…… sebab
  • Damia nih so chomel, sweet and ceria orangnya. Mudah mesra (if dia suka anda la) and gemar berkawan. Easy to say she's so friendly & happy person.
  • When in RED Damia memang looks lovely! W/pun mommaMia suka RED, tapi Damia tak byk baju RED tau. Mungkin aunty MomBloggersPlanet is right, its time for momma Mia to start to go shopping! Horray!!!!
  • Kadang2 kalo tak kene cara Damia juga seorang yg serius bila buat kerja (especially after bangun tido). Tengok la kat bawah tuh serius je anak momma sambil tangan cabut rumput tuh...
  • Hurray!!! hadiah MomBloggersPlanet best2! kalo 1st prize dpt bag + photobook hardcover tuuu. MommaMia kata suka sling bag alicewonders.com. W/pun utk notebook bleh pkai isi brg2 Damia bila g jln2. Yg photobook tuh bleh buat journal Damia 0-1 year. Bleh menang ke?? Menang kalah momma redha jer. Yg penting kite ENJOY!!!
  • Kengkawan semua, meh lah join this contest. Kite jalan2 terja blog MomBloggersPlanet. Sempat lagi contest sampai 15hb june 09.

Just follow the steps and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.
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Intan said... June 14, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Gud luck cute baby damia ;)

Momma Mia said... June 14, 2009 at 4:41 PM

Thanxs to intan & sitisifir10.
enough bercontest la bulan ni harap2nya... heheheh!