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Since this is a Children's books Giveaway, i would like to share the info why reading is important. I hope you will continue 'reading’ and are convinced about why reading is so important. Keep reading …

Someone did say, "To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries." So true! Reading is really like taking a flight to high altitudes in pursuit of information and knowledge. It is a journey in search of enlightenment.

Reading is like providing the mind with nourishment. Knowledge is the food for the mind and soul. Apart from giving us the basic information about the world around us, it also provides us with the food for thought. It encourages us to think. It increases our hunger for knowledge and our thirst to learn more.

Reading is an activity that keeps us occupied. Reading results in the fruitful usage of time. It helps us get rid of our anxieties. It diverts our mind from monotony and boredom. It is one of the best ways of relaxation. Reading novels or stories takes us to a new world where we forget our sorrows and fears. Books make very good friends.

Reading leads us only to read more in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge.
Research has shown that avid readers stand out from the rest because of improved cognitive abilities. They can think creatively. It improves their grasping power. It makes them better analyzers and problem solvers.

Reading helps a person be successful in life. It is very important to inculcate the habit of reading right from childhood. You can put in children the habit of reading bedtime stories. Reading during the early years helps the child in improving his/her language skills. The child learns to recognize written words. Reading when young helps you in your later life. Studies say that reading before going to bed helps the child feel secure and comfortable while sleeping. Emotions can be best understood through the characters in stories.

The more young children are read to, the greater their interest in mastering reading. Reading out loud exposes children to proper grammar and phrasing. It enhances the development of their spokenlanguage skills, their ability to express themselves verbally.

Reading, by way of books, magazines or websites, exposes kids to new vocabulary. Even when they don't understand every new word, they absorb something from the context that may deepen their understanding of it the next time the word is encountered. When parents read aloud to children, the children also hear correct pronunciation as they see the words on the page, even if they can't yet read the words on their own.

  • Reading can open up new worlds and enrich children's lives.
  • Reading can enhance childrens's social skills.
  • Reading can improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Reading can provide children with plenty of good, clean fun!
  • So reading really does matter after all!

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AyuArjuna BiGoshh said... February 24, 2010 at 9:27 AM

bersungguh si cilik itu membaca...a good start for the kids...like your posting mamma mia

h4ni3 said... February 24, 2010 at 5:49 PM

eh eh..
baju mia sama dgn baju khayra la alin
good luck mia.. comel tul mia baca buku

Ummi Salsabila said... February 24, 2010 at 10:32 PM

thumbs up! bagus entry ni.kusyuknya mia membaca.cute!buku mia pun best.sllu akak beli buku mia di mana?

Momma Mia said... February 25, 2010 at 7:20 AM

Ayu : terharu tengok gaya si Damia tuh membaca. bersungguh2... Tu antara buku Damia dlm kereta. Harap Damia akan terus suka membaca.

Thanks dear!

Momma Mia said... February 25, 2010 at 7:24 AM

Hanie : ahaks... sama yer. Brand Poney. Masa sales ari tuh murah jer baju tuh... apa lagi sambar ler.

Thanks Hanie.

Momma Mia said... February 25, 2010 at 7:26 AM

Ummi Salsabila : Slalu beli buku dia tak tentu, ada kat MPH ada gak kat giant... Memang sejuk jer bila tgk aksi dia membaca US.

Thanks dear!