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How much weight gain is normal?

  • If your weight before you fell pregnant was healthy according to your height, it’s normal to gain between 11 and 16 kilos
  • If you were underweight before you fell pregnant, however, you can expect to gain between 12 and 18 kilos. 
  • And if you were overweight you can expect to gain between 7 and 11 kilos
  • while if you are having twins you can expect to gain between 15 and 20 kilos

The rate of weight gain is also very important to monitor. On average you’ll only gain between 1 and 3 kilos in your first trimester, while for the rest of your pregnancy you can gain up to half a kilo per week. But it’s also normal that weight gain decreases after the week 35, and stops altogether after the week 38. Many women even lose a little bit of weight 7-10 days before labour, due to a reduction in hormone levels.

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