2nd trimester for 2nd pregnancy ni memang challenge giler compare to 1st pregnancy. Totally different. Nak tau details keep continue reading. It’s hard to believe that now Momma going into third trimester, pergghhh terasa cepat plak masa berlalu. Initially Momma excited & tak sabar nk jumpa baby, but biler pk-pk kojer... tak jadi ler, harap adik bersabar yer... Huhuhuhu... Dulu Damia lahir cepat 3 minggu.

My 2nd Trimester (13-26 Weeks : Nov09 ~ Jan10)

2nd Baby - Adik "D"

~ Moment terindah... gambar scan adik ~

  • During this stage, momma's eyes always feeling dry and itchy, it’s probably those pregnancy hormones at work again. Usually happen in the morning.
  • During this stage, the breasts also start to feel a bit lumpy – but doctor says don’t worry, it’s just that your mammary glands and ducts are developing in time for the birth.
  • Momma's gums not as sensitive masa time Damia. So bleeding gums jarang berlaku.

~ Close-up moment terindah "Adik D" dlm tummy momma ~
  • Weight gain during pregnancy. Jangan Jeles now momma about having a ‘perfect’ celebrity-style bump.. ahakss... Before pregnant berat momma 47kg - 1st trimester 51kg - 2nd Trimester 58kg. Perghhh... naik 11 kg tuh.
  • Masuk Trimester 2, Momma start to feel adik movements... Adik baby yg sangat aktif. Even masa scan pun adik give strong kick. Maybe momma asyik worry when they’re not feeling anything at all masa trimester pertama compare dgn Damia, so adik tunjuk aksi kot. Momma sayang adik!! it's very exciting – personal proof that your baby is really there and growing healthily.
  • Momma dizzy spells sometimes and Doc say’s because momma's heart is now working 40 to 50 times harder than it did before pregnant.
  • Now experience a bit of heartburn or indigestion. It’s all down to those pregnancy hormones again. You can reduce it by avoiding spicy foods, citrus juices, coffee and chocolate. Chew your food well, eat little and often but try not to eat too close to bedtime – give yourself time to digest. Drinking water before eating also helps with digestion. A dash of milk can help soothe your windpipe if you have a touch of heartburn.

  • Leg cramps not so bad compare masa Damia. Alhamdulillah.
  • Now momma getting bigger, people are starting to notice that momma pregnant. huhu....
  • Dulu masa Damia 2nd Trimester kami berpindah masuk rumah kat Shah Alam. Now turn adik kami berpindah kluar rumah Shah Alam for renovation work bhgn dapur & bilik atas. Pening2... Harap siap sebelum adik lahir okey!!

~ Prove showing tangan adik kick momma. Towards end of 2nd Trimester ~

Tips :
You might also be feeling some aches and pain in your legs too which is understandable, given that your body has to do some extra work and being put under pressure a bit. Make sure that you take things easy and use below tips to help avoid any swelling or puffiness in your legs:
  • Rest with your feet up whenever you can
  • 'Circle' your feet at the ankles to get your circulation going
  • Try support stockings if your legs do get puffy
  • Try doing regular stretching and walking – perhaps for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon

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ummumishkah said... February 5, 2010 at 10:58 PM

me pun pregnancy yg ke 4 ni mencabar sungguh! tak sama dgn yang sulong dulu! Suka tgk gambo baby tu.. sweet sgt!

Momma Mia said... February 7, 2010 at 2:56 PM

To ummu Mishkah : memang best kan tgk gamba scan baby. kalo ada warna lagi best kan?!! hihihi

Wah kita geng ghupanya. Slamat bersalin nnti.

ummikhayra said... February 10, 2010 at 2:01 PM

salam azlin... :) tak lama je lagi kan? berdebar tak rasa? ehhehe

Momma Mia said... February 10, 2010 at 2:08 PM

To nini @ ummikhayra : a'ahh kejap plak rasanya... berdebar memang berdebar... sbb dan pernah rasa so bleh understand if org citer yg seram2 ttg deliver nnti... Doakan semuanya slamat utk momma yer.

Ummi Salsabila said... February 10, 2010 at 9:15 PM

bestnye entry nih....sgt informative & sweet..terharu pun ada.gambar adik D sume clearla.adik aufa punye pic sume xclear.huhu.

akak,dah wat scan 4d.next nak wat.dr mazita suh jupe dr fairuz next month.

Momma Mia said... February 11, 2010 at 6:52 AM

US : nnti buat scan 4D upload ek kat blog. US nyer 2 trimester camner? share yerk

Slamat berjumpa doktor Fairuz!