• A healthy, delicious, complete meal and a NO-Brainer to make.
  • Prepared as directed. 
  • Each shakes boasts tons of PROTIEN to keep you feeling FULL & SATISFIED.
  • 3 Flavour ~ Caffe Latte, Vanilla & Chocolate

  • A safe and natural way to boost your energy. 
  • 28 sticks per box. 
  • Forget coffee, tea, soda and sugary snacks. Here's a skinny solution to head off the slump when you need a quick PICK-ME-UP

Tips Ramadhan :
During Sahur : take 2 scoops of Cinch shakes
After breakfast : Eat as required (sedikit demi sedikit dan kunyahlah hingga lumat seperti mengikut sunnah nabi). Drink Cinch Energy Tea Mix for more energy to continue for Teraweeh.

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