Littlemamadiary is having a special giveaway – the very first of her blog....
Just review below & see how simple but yet so interesting and excited n3 by ROS a.k.a Little Mama's Diary.
I'm falling in love with the grand prize...wink!! wink!!

I’m having a special giveaway – the very first in this blog..yeha!!

The grand prize is this gorgeous brand new…..

Helen Keller Lady Laptop Tote from AliceWonders.com worth RM119!

Laptop Tote

It’s easy to enter.

No voting. No need to become a follower… tapi kalau nak follow pun boleh..ha..ha

Just follow this simple steps.

  1. Tell me what you think of this blog content by leaving a comment here. Komen mesti pasal blog entry sahaja (bukan pasal teknikal macam layout ke… kaler ke, header ke…he..he)…. clue: apa yang me tulis ni best sebab apa, kalau tak best pulak pasal apa, bahasa yang dipakai boleh faham ke, apa lagi you all nak me tulis etc… komen & cadangan so that I can improve my writing in future.
  2. Write an entry in your blog about this contest (with link back here). Jangan lupa mention pasal entri anda di sini.

That’s all. Easy peasy!

The bag already here with me. Tunggu nak select the lucky winner je. . walla!

Terms and Conditions

  • Contest starts from today, 17th to 31st August 2009.
  • Contest opens to Malaysian only (tak kira la duduk kat Malaysia ke, Jepun ke, Kutub Utara ke, Afrika ke… janji rakyat Malaysia)
  • Winner(s) will be selected by a Lucky Draw.
  • Confirmed prize is the Laptop Bag but I would consider adding more prizes later on (balik godek harta karun dalam study room…he..he)

Itu aje lah!

Hoping for my luck!!! Winner(s) will be selected by a lucky Draw!!

For Little Mama's Diary...
keep blogging dear... sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

After 3 days 2 nite reading your blog n3 (this all due to my lil daughter wanted to play2 with me... & also me tired travel fr Gombak-Shah Alam---just for Ramadhan, we will stay at my parent house so that my mom easy peasy to do her terawih), i started falling in love reading your blog and like to get to know you better & better thru your blog...
Thanks for sharing!!!

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Mama_Aqish said... August 25, 2009 at 3:19 PM

rajinnyer masuk contest...good luck...

Momma Mia said... August 26, 2009 at 8:34 AM

[To Mama Aqish] Hihihi.. mencuba nasib, lgpun hadiah menarik tuh... thanx yer. Jemput dtg lagi.

CatlinaFly said... August 27, 2009 at 9:50 AM

salam..tuan umah jom join contest kat blog sy..

Momma Mia said... August 28, 2009 at 8:27 PM

[To catlinaFly] Uihh menarik tuh. Thanx for ur invitation. InsyaAllah.