What is Modern Cloth Pad????
As far as momma know
Cloth pad is so comfortable that you even forget that you are having your menses!
So if you hate your monthly menses... Gross with the bad smell coming from yourself (it’s not your body but that chemical from your pad)...
Feels itchy and uncomfortable having the plastic in your pants?
then it is time for you to switch to modern cloth pad.

So Modern Cloth Pad MESTI MAU!!!
Now Baby Snowdrop is having a giveaway, ... a small giveaway kepada sume bloggers.
for info, baby snowdrop would like to introduce their new products which is
Baby Ring Sling & Modern Cloth Pad.

So for a start, baby snowdrop nak giveaway pd uolls yg berminat for Cloth Pad sample.
Baby Snowdrop akan beri sample one piece of Regular Pads to every each of you.
Free je
, tak yah byr.
Hehe... But before that, ade syarat2 nye. Pls click HERE for details

Giveaway ni open seminggu je !!
(until 16 Nov 2009)

NOTE : Anyone yg still publish banner Baby Snowdrop for at least a month, your blog akan qualified to next month lucky draw, we pick one winner randomly. Winner akan qualified to get one piece of Ring Sling from Baby Snowdrop. Lucky Draw ni akan berjalan selama 3 months berturut2 until bulan February.

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