On 19.12.09 - We had a visit to Zoo Negara, Hulu Klang. We almost cancel the trip due to raining. Alhamdulillah after we get the parking, rain2 go away... The trip was amazing and we had so much fun coz
  • Damia lately is very excited when she see animals in TV and books i.e lion, tiger, elephant. Now she get experience to see the animal live. Imagine how excited she is.
  • Damia already started to walk. So she gets to explore, enjoy & experience the whole journey at the zoo... hihi cian anak momma, berpeluh2...
  • Iman & Imran, Damia's cousin from Kelantan join the trip

Picture says the thousand words
- @ Zoo entrance B. Waiting for Abah to buy the tickets -

- Damia's sweet moments at the zoo -
(Punyer ler excited dak Damia nih, siap tunjuk lagi. Tak takut pulak tu)

- Momma & Damia happy time togehter -
(abaikan gambar momma yg senget sambil dokong Damia tu, Now i'm preggy 5 months)

- Abah & Damia sweet happy time togehter -
(Momma suke tgk gamba abah berpayung dgn Damia.. so sweeet)

- Atok & Nenek happy time with Iman & Imran -
(FYI, we ouls can meet only during school holiday jer)

- Damia's new friends.. :) Animals at the Zoo -

- Best pictures of the day -
(Momma like the picture... so sweeet)

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Ummi Salsabila said... December 31, 2009 at 8:12 PM

comelnye mia excited! aunty dpt byngkan cmne excitednye mia dpt tgk real animals kan..

aufa kn tunggu pandai jln dlu br ummi kata nak bwk.sian dia.hahaha.

Momma Mia said... January 1, 2010 at 12:30 AM

To Us : Yes better tunggu Aufa dah pandai jalan baru g. if not kene dokong jer nnti. Tak lama jer lagi tuh..