Sesungguhnya anak-anak dilahirkan dengan fitrah yang baik... tulen, suci dan bersih dari segala kekurangan... Ibu bapa yang mendidik & mencorakkan PEMIKIRAN, EMOSI & TINDAKAN anak-anak. Mulakan dengan bina IMEJ diri anak-anak melalui ajaran sunnah Rasulullah s.a.w. yang mudah dan basic... Cuba amalkan 1 minggu satu sunnah pun dah memadai... Semoga anda mendapat manfaat serta dapat melahirkan anak-anak yang soleh & soleha, InsyaAllah.

Sunnah Week 1:
Start every single thing in life with basmallah, not just when we want to eat or drink BUT when starting to wear clothes, shoes, socks, going out of the house, playing, using the computer, running, walking, reading, writing, sleeping.... ANYTHING (except going to the toilet of course). Saturate their minds with basmallah even when they are all grown up....

Sunnah Week 2:
Please teach the children to use the RIGHT hand especially when eating and drinking even if he/she is a left-handed person. The Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam never uses his left hand except when cleaning himself in the toilet and always enter a toilet with his left foot. He passes things to others with his right hand, he showers, brushes his teeth and cuts his hair on the right side first. He sleeps on his right side too. Before going out, he would wear his footwear and socks with the right side first, then steps out on his right foot. And of course every action starts with basmallah.

Sunnah Week 3:
To be the ever grateful servant...remind the children to say thank you and Alhamdulillah for every thing that they receive because EVERYTHING is actually from ALLAH. Teach them to say thank you to you AND to ALLAH every single day when we wake them up from sleep in the morning; after we have bathed them; put on their clothes; combed their hair; prepared food for them; fed them; sent them to school/nursery. Teach them to say thank you to anyone who has done something nice, even the waiters and waitresses who brought food and drinks to the table when eating out. Simple adab so easily practised...

Sunnah Week 4:
As the children grow up, there will be many visits to the doctor up till probably they are 5-6 years old when their body resistance is stronger. Its good if we teach them that everything is from ALLAH, including health and illness. Sickness comes from ALLAH and only ALLAH can cure and take the sickness away. Teach then to be patient when they are ill. The doctor and the medicine are part of our effort and means to solve the problem (treating the illness). It is ALLAH NOT the doctor and NOT the medicine that cures the illness. (There ARE some medicine that do not cure). When they regain their health teach them to be thankful to ALLAH. So hopefully this lesson early in their lives can keep them on the correct aqidah InshaALLAH.

Sunnah Week 5:
Children learn from what they see and hear from adults around them. If these adults speak to each other in a gentle and civil manner then likewise so will the children. But if they see adults shouting at each other and being rude and uncivilzed, the children grow up thinking that this is the norm. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam never raises his voice, always speak gently and have the most beautiful manners. So let's emulate him because the children have the right to be taught in the Prophet's mould

Sunnah Week 6:
Three simple words to teach the little angels- "please", "sorry" and "thank you"....Example - The little one says, "Mama I want milk!" Teach them, " Please Mama, can I have some milk please? Thank you Mama". Or, the little one does something wrong either accidentally or otherwise, explain to them why its wrong and teach him/her to say "sorry" or say "please forgive me" to whoever that they have wronged.

Million thanks to my beloved Teacher Pn. Sa'adah Masrukin who is always guide & teach me not only during my Secondary school but until today... May Allah bless you always... Luv you teacher !!  

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su@sayangdisayang.com said... April 27, 2012 at 4:24 PM

suka entry ni, sesuatu yang praktikal untuk kita tanamkan dalam diri anak2 kita supaya sentiasa mencintai sunnah Rasulullah. Terima kasih

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InsyaAllah.. Sesama kita Berusaha yer \o/