Last Saturday, 2nd January 2010 - we received last minute invitation to go to Sunway Lagoon. Actually Tok Man had an office Family Day, Tok Cik & Anis unable to go due to high fever. So there is 2 more tickets available. Hihi rezeki2... so momma agree to go coz we ouls can celebrate Abah Damia bufday at Sunway Lagoon + have new year holiday... 2-in-1 right??!!

To Abah - Happy bufday dear (01.01.10). Wish you have a good health, plenty of love & excitement at lifes . Pls take a very good care of your beloved family. Momma & Damia luv you always dear!!

" Our Family happy moments"

" Momma & Damia happy time together-gether. Since its Abah special day, most of the play-play time @ Sunway Lagoon were between Damia & Abah"

" We starts play-play at Water Park until lunch"

" Damia who like to share her food. The best moment we have at lunch hour"

" After had fun at water park & lunch, its time for Damia's happy time plak... its sleeping time... zzzzzzzzz"

" After more than 1 1/2 hour Damia sleeps, we continue our journey to Amusement Park. Actually, most of the games were not suitable for pregnant lady so momma just enjoy my time watching happy moment between this lovely couple (father & daughter)...i'm so jealous, hihi... but no heart feeling "

" My heart & my soul. You are everything. Luv u Abah & Mia"

"@ 1 year 4 months, Damia like to drink like an adult. Don't believe me? Above picture says a thousand words "

" After spent a wonderful time for almost 1 full day, we decided to go home. Look at Damia, not tiring at all. She realy had an amazing & fun day.

But before we go home, we continue our journey to Sunway Piramid for Family bufday celebration dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market. No photo coz we enjoy our dinner very much... huhu..."

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Ummi Salsabila said... January 7, 2010 at 2:37 AM

seronoknya pi sunway lagoon.mia pun happy sgt.kami xpenah pi lg.hehe

best if have quality time with family cmni.jeles la.abi aufa asik bz je.ari2 keje..:(

Momma Mia said... January 7, 2010 at 3:59 PM

Takyah nk jeles US. US kira untung juga sbb abi balik umah hari2... Abah mia hujung minggu jer... so mommaMia pun jeles dgn US juga.

Semoga Abah dpt tukar ke Shah Alam or KL soon. Amin!!