Pelbagai ekspresi sepanjang 1 thn - 2 thn ++
sangat selamba, pandai amik hati & penyayang

Week 16:
Some lessons from Surah Al-Hujuraat pertaining the aadab of a muslim. Teach the children from now, what ALLAH teaches us from this surah...
1. Be very careful with our tongue! DO NOT ridicule ANYONE verbally, either in front of them, nor behind them.
2. DO NOT scoff or make fun of other people, even by mimic or facial expression.
3. DO NOT call other people (especially the ones not particularly favoured!) with bad nicknames that are downgrading or names that they do not like (alqab). Instead, like the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, call everyone with nice names with good meanings.
4. DO NOT talk bad things about other people even if he/she is unhappy with them. This is bad-biting and HARAM. If need be, teach them NOT to mention names so nobody knows who the person he/she is talking about.
5. DO NOT hit anyone with our hands or with our tongue! The BEST muslim is one when others feel safe from his hands and his tongue.
6. Always be ready to help others. Teach the children about muslim  brotherhood, that all muslims are brothers and sisters. There will always be the good ones and the not-so-good ones of course. Be patient and merciful towards those muslims who are not so good. It could be because they do not have the proper knowledge yet (Jahil) on muslim aadab or etiquette.
7. Train the children to be positive and always assume good things of others (husnu zon). DO NOT assume the worst of others (su us zon).
8. Train the children to everyday make good du'a for herself/himself, the parents, the grandparents, the siblings and ALL the muslims and muslimats in this world.
9. Children must be taught good manners and to respect those older than them. Good manners will be visible from the way we act and the  way we talk with other people.
 Thank you Cikgu Sa'adah Masrukin >_-

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