Alhamdulillah dapat lagi berkongsi ilmu tentang mendidik & mencorakkan PEMIKIRAN, EMOSI & TINDAKAN anak-anak. Remember entry sebelum ni kita dah berkongsi 6 sunnah yang Basic dalam membina IMEJ diri anak-anak melalui ajaran sunnah Rasulullah s.a.w. ... Bagaimana??

Alhamdulillah anak-anak skrang telah terdidik & diingatkan sentiasa utk berkata please, thank you and sorry... Sejuk hati bila mereka menggunakan sunnah ini... Bila nak makan didahulukan dengan BISMILLAH di sambung doa makan dibacakan dengan merdu sekali walaupun bacaannya tidak berapa betul... diutamakan makan dengan menggunakan tangan kanan... Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Ingat yer mommies... NEVER GIVE UP !! KEEP ENCOURAGE anak-anak anda!! Semoga anda mendapat manfaat serta dapat melahirkan anak-anak yang soleh & soleha, InsyaAllah.

 anak-anak ni...

Sunnah Week 7:
Just before they go to sleep, read out the Fatihah, ayatul Qursi + the 3 Quls and blow into the palms of your hands. Very gently stroke the children all over from head to toe and make du'a that they be protected from the disturbances of Syaitan during the night. Who knows because they listen to these beautiful du'a every single night, they'll be able to memorize them even before they step into primary school Insha ALLAH

Sunnah Week 8:
Hopefully by now the children are always using their right hand to eat, drink, write,play, hold, receive or give away things. And reciting the basmallah before they do anything, requesting things with a "please" and never forgetting a thank you.
It is never too early to train them to perform the solat. Let them solat next to you and be a ma'mum if the husband can be the imam. Done regularly, solat in jemaah will be something that will be in their system. (Love the way my 2yrs+ cucu, Sarah Chida, hurry to get her telekung and solat behind her dad when she hears the azan...)
Sunnah Week 9:
Everything in moderate measure, especially in terms of what we eat and drink, The Prophet, peace be upon him, always cleans his plate, even licking his fingers to ensure that nothing is wasted after every meal. Remind the children to be careful NOT to be friends of the devil by being wasteful. So take small amounts of food onto the plate, be grateful Alhamdulillah that ALLAh has granted good rezeki and follow his sunnah by making du'a that the food we eat will give good energy to do good deeds and may ALLAh protect us from the fires of Hell.
Sunnah Week 10:
Please teach the children that keeping clean, neat and tidy is of paramount importance to a Muslim. This would include keeping the room or anywhere within the house, the compound both inside and outside the house absolutely pristine. There can be no tolerance for any rubbish on the floor/ground, no toys and dirty laundry all over the place. Both parents must be very strict on this because that's what ALLAH and HIS Prophet, may peace be upon him, wants us to do. In fact the Prophet abhors anything that smells bad, any untidiness and anything that is a pain to the visual view. No point being pretty/beautiful/good-looking/
rich/earning a lot of money BUT having no manners, unkempt, unhygienic and messy as a person.
Week 11:
It's not easy being a parent is it? It is a huge responsibility to execute all that ALLAH has asked us to do as a father or a mother . Always remember that whatever we do, ALLAH will ask us on Judgement Day how we have designed this "pure white cloth" (the children) that ALLAH has loaned us with. Is the child going to be a good Muslim or is he/she going to turn out to be a Nasrani, Yahudi or Majusi (May ALLAh protect us from this).

Some questions as a check list:
1. Have we planted the seeds of iman in our children?
2. Have we introduced ALLAH and HIS Prophet to them?
3. Have we taught them good akhlak and good aadab?
4. Have we started to introduce to them the Prophet's sunnah?
5. Have we started to introduce any verse/chapters of the Quran to them?

Its never too early to start. The 1st step was when the baby hears the azan by the dad right after delivery. So let's continue teaching and guiding the children from that point onwards. The Prophet, peace be upon him said, Don't be a "mandul" (WHO?) People who have children but could not reap any benefit from them when they die. Why? Because they have failed to teach the children to be good servants of ALLAH.

Million thanks to my beloved Teacher Pn. Sa'adah Masrukin who is always guide & teach me not only during my Secondary school but until today... May Allah bless you always... Luv you teacher !!  

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